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Re: [K12OSN] when is release happening?

Liam Marshall wrote:

not to rush someone who is obviously busy, and doing a wonderful job, but any idea when the final version of either the el or the core4 is going to be out
I want to start loading my server soon

by the way, if I wipe and reload virtually every summer, is there any particular advantage to el over core4 version?

and does the el version come with ktouch/other educational games?

thanks so much.  Sorry for being a pain

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I would appreciate a definitive answer/opinion on the pros and cons of going with either the centos EL version, or the Fedora Core 4 version. Life cycle/support is not really an issue as in our environment I pretty much wipe and reload from scratch every summer. If a better mousetrap comes out during the year, I will get it the following summer

This is what I do know. Using the 4.4 pre1 iso's I have loaded a test server. Connections from thin clients are fine, and with a little tweak, sound is finally working on the thin clients, at least for the non web apps. Ktouch has changed a little( no statistics option like the old one) but all the programs I need are there, or I can download (StarOffice, etc)

I am happy with things the way they are but would appreciate knowing when we can expect the final version of this release to be available. I can't begin to imagine all the work that has been accomplished on this, and I really appreciate the effort put in. This is a fantastic product! I just want to get my hands on it and load the server so I can stop thinking about it for a while, and take a real holiday.

Thanks in advance for any opinions/advise/eta

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