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Re: [K12OSN] when is release happening?

Liam Marshall wrote:

I would appreciate a definitive answer/opinion on the pros and cons of
going with either the centos EL version, or the Fedora Core 4 version.
Life cycle/support is not really an issue as in our environment I pretty
much wipe and reload from scratch every summer.  If a better mousetrap
comes out during the year, I will get it the following summer

This is what I do know.  Using the 4.4 pre1 iso's  I have loaded a test
server.  Connections from thin clients are fine, and with a little
tweak, sound is finally working on the thin clients, at least for the
non web apps.  Ktouch has changed a little( no statistics option like
the old one) but all the programs I need are there, or I can download
(StarOffice, etc)


Release schedules are posted to the list. Here is the last one posted:


The schedule is slipping a little, as is usual for release schedules.

The 4.2.1EL version is ready to go, it will be finished real-soon-now.
Probably this weekend.

The 4.4.0 version has a couple minor issues outstanding. Such as the VNC
service not being enabled by default. I am also looking into fixing the
ktouch statistics.

As the previous release-schedule post states, the pre-releases can be upgraded to the final release by using apt-get, up2date, or yum. You don't have to re-install. If pre1 or pre2 works for you, go for it. Any changes made between a pre-release and the final release will be picked up by the software updates.


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