[K12OSN] No Volume Control Elements and/or devices found

Mark Cockrell cockrell at honeygroveisd.net
Wed Jul 20 18:16:16 UTC 2005

>Check and see if the sound server is enabled in Gnome....if it
>is...disable it.  All it really does is produce the bings and bongs for
>system alerts, but in my experience it will prevent many sound apps from
>working at all.  Disable the sound server and then try...things may work
>now (you may need to reboot).  
>I use nasd and IceWM and have had sound in Flash, all apps, all players,
>and Firefox for quite some time now.  I have yet to try sound in K12LTSP
>4.4, but I will the first week in August.  If you guys get something else
>working...document it to save me the headache  *please?*
>David N. Trask
>Technology Teacher/Coordinator
>Vassalboro Community School
>dtrask vcsvikings org

Nope.  The Gnome sound server is not turned on.  Just for grins I turned
in on.  Still nothing.  Anyone else have any ideas?  I had sound working
on 4.2 using NASD with Gnome, IceWM, and KDE.  Same server, same
terminal, no sound.

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