[K12OSN] help with /etc/hosts file and

Gary Frederick gary.frederick at jsoft.com
Wed Jul 20 22:51:04 UTC 2005

I am working with someone and ran into 'issues' with my /etc/hosts on 
k12ltsp. He said "having the hostname return a name that maps to is trouble."

I have a pretty plain k12ltsp system. The /etc/hosts file includes a.jsoft.com a localhost.localdomain localhost b.jsoft.com

a.jsoft.com is the hostname
# hostname

He commented out all the line and put a.jsoft.com and 
b.jsoft.com in at the bottom associated to their 192.168.1.x address

The comment in /etc/hosts suggests it was a BAD idea to remove the line?


1: is having the hostname return a name that maps to trouble?

2: is removing a bad idea?

any and all details that will help me understand are much appreciated.



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