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[K12OSN] OT - Open Source Kiosk Solutions

Does anyone know of any open source solutions for an information kiosk.
I just need something where I can provide half a dozen screens for
viewing information and maybe watch some video clips.

I am hoping to be able to make a kiosk to say put at the front office
entry that display information about the school.  Then maybe one to
place in a the lobby for orientation where parents can fill in a quick
form to submit their addresses and email information.  Possibly one to
place for information about our website and how to use the technology on

These are just random ideas, but you can get the point.  I think if I
knew of a technology to create this I could put it to good use.  This
wouldn't necessarily have to be something that would run off of LTSP.  A
low dollar stand alone machine with x flavor of linux would do.

Also this would have to have touch screen capabilities in most cases.
Anyone know how linux plays with such a device?

Jim Kronebusch
Cotter Tech Department
jim winonacotter org 

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