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Re: [K12OSN] 4.4 and nfs server not responding ?

Put this problem to bed...Check your hardware drivers :)

This is good reading
The DHCP links on the same wiki are good. However - if you have not changed the defaults...and you get the "nfs server not responding" check your eth0 ethernet card drivers. The SMC SMC9462TX (ns driver) works great at 100 FD but will not auto or manually link at 1000 on some switches...namely the amer.com SRG type switches...I found another person having the same issue with the same card with Fedora Core 3. I switched the functions of eth0 and eth1 and the 192.168 ( on the on-board intel NIC ) side of the network functions properly at a gig.

I followed all the help up the thread and on the wiki (again thank you). Passing items to the kernel did not help and 'echo 0 > /selinux/enforce'
did not help. Hence my next post. Luck with GIG ethernet NIC's.

Thanks for the help guys,

Tom Ventresco

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