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Re: [K12OSN] OT - Open Source Kiosk Solutions

Does anyone know of any open source solutions for an information kiosk.
I just need something where I can provide half a dozen screens for
viewing information and maybe watch some video clips.

A student of mine built a kiosk on Mandrake 10.someting last year. It automatically logins, only app is a kiosk hardened firefox. Can get you more info if you like. There is a web server and FTP server running. You can work out the details of how you do content updates. Another kiosk built by the same student burns a CD with all the open source apps we use plus a back up of students home drives :) Soooo clean.

Also this would have to have touch screen capabilities in most cases.
Anyone know how linux plays with such a device?

The touch screens I have configured are serial mice :) :) works fine.

Tom Ventresco

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