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RE: [K12OSN] OT - Open Source Kiosk Solutions

> A student of mine built a kiosk on Mandrake 10.someting last 
> year.  It 
> automatically logins, only app is a kiosk hardened firefox.  
> Can get you 
> more info if you like.  There is a web server and FTP server 
> running.  You 
> can work out the details of how you do content updates.  
> Another kiosk 
> built by the same student burns a CD with all the open source 
> apps we use 
> plus a back up of students home drives :)  Soooo clean.

Everything I have seen in Linux is always for a kiosk with a browser.
So how do you develop the app for this?  Is this usually just done with
a flash animation or something?  I don't really want internet access at
these terminals.  Just a menu driven system to navigate between 5 or 10
screens with information.  

Maybe a better question is what format do most use for the presentation
to be played in Firefox in an open source kiosk?  (Flash, php, html,

And yes, if you have a link to any information that would be great.


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