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Heath Henderson hendersonh at unit5.org
Thu Jul 21 14:52:01 UTC 2005

We have a program which runs out of a directory on our servers.  Basic Appserver setup.  however, the two systems the company supports are Windows (obviously and Novell).

Question,  I have 3 linux servers along with 1 Windows server and 30 Netware servers which I need to run this Appserver off of. The trick isn't running the Application or even running it from the Linux server as that works fine.  The problem comes in as their Application to keep this directory synchronized with the Master server runs as a Java app.  They have commands for the Netware and Windows servers to set this sync in motion, but nothing for a linux setup.  Now, I am betting that if it runs on Netware 6.5 (which it does), I can probably run it on linux as well.

The following commands are what is needed to tell the update where to place files and where to run from.

Netware Setup

[Restart Command] java -classpath vol1:applicationdirectory\usi;$CLASSPATH com.DAS.DAS 2701
[Storage Directory] vol1:applicationdirectory
[Extract Directory] vol1:applicationdirectory

Port in statement is 2701 (So I assume I would have to open this in the firewall).  I can handle this.  path to the application directories is the only hangup I think I have.  Would I issue 
java -classpath /home/applicationdirectory/usi;$CLASSPATH com.DAS.DAS 2701

?  I haven't tried this on the Linux servers yet, but I thought I would get an idea of what Java was wanting since I haven't dealt with many Java apps before.

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