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RE: [K12OSN] 4.4.0 upgrade


The commands that you suggested work just as you said.
Everything is as it should be.


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Ted Kanemori wrote:

> I reloaded the "test" system with 4.0.1 and "upgraded" it to 4.4.0.
> I've done the yum update and upgrade.
> 1. The server desktop looks very much like the 4.0.1 desktop and that's
> okay.

You can run this command to switch your existing users from the
4.0.x-style desktop to the 4.2.x & 4.4.x style desktop:


> 2. Plugging the flash drive into the server has the flash drive icon
> up on the clients and that's okay.
> 3. When the students plug their individual thumb drive in their client and
> start floppy access, there is no "U" drive.
> MToolsFM is at 1.9-3.
> On the client hooked up to the "upgraded" 4.4.0 server, floppy access
> only "Harddisk" and "A".
> The student can save to the floppy but there is no flash drive to save to.
> On the client hooked up to the "scratch install" 4.4.0 server, floppy
> showed "Harddisk", "A" and "U".
> In this case. the student can save to their floppy or flash drive.
> Do I need to do something else to get "U" to show up in "floppy access" on
> the upgraded system?

Looks like you need to nuke the old mtools config file in each user's
home directory. Start off by testing your own account:

	rm -f ~/.mtoolsfm

and log out & log back in. If it works as expected, then this command
will do the same for all of your users:

	rm -f /home/*/.mtoolsfm


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