[K12OSN] Changes to dhcpd.conf for PCMCIA Booting

Mikko Jordman mikko.jordman at edu.vantaa.fi
Sat Jul 23 18:28:29 UTC 2005

>On a slightly related note: has anyone tried to set up grub for
>network booting?  I saw something a while back that made me think
>you could PXE or etherboot grub instead of a kernel - or load it
>from a local disk, then have a menu that would allow either a
>local or network boot to continue. 
Yep, I have made it with LILO (can't tremember why but i had prblem's 
with confing grub..), and being a total linux-novice, it was easy. I 
have a homeserver and 4 old laptops with wireless-LTSP, local LINUX and 
DOS/Win98 bootmenu.
1 second to choose, then you go for LTSP. And LTSP is what my wife, 5 
year old son and  myself are using.


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