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Rob Owens hick518 at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 23 19:40:45 UTC 2005

The book "Knoppix Hacks" has a section about making a
kiosk setup.  I can't give you too many details,
because I lent the book out to a friend who is trying
to recover his data on a broken Windows machine.  But
I definitely suggest getting that book and checking it
out.  It's full of great info.


--- aust_txv at access-k12.org wrote:

> > Everything I have seen in Linux is always for a
> kiosk with a browser.
> > So how do you develop the app for this?  Is this
> usually just done with
> > a flash animation or something?  I don't really
> want internet access at
> > these terminals.  Just a menu driven system to
> navigate between 5 or 10
> > screens with information.   Maybe a better
> question is what format do 
> most >use for the presentation to be played in
> Firefox in an open source 
> kiosk?  >(Flash, php, html,
> > etc)
> First, these two kiosks are not thins.  A distro is
> loaded on the local 
> drive.
> There is not a new app here,  just a web browser and
> web pages.  Use what 
> ever web technology you wish ;)  We use mostly PHP
> and plain old HTML.  A 
> nice FLASH navigation buttons would work.  The idea
> here was to be able to 
> reproduce the setup for other kiosks and updaye them
> remotely.
> Stay tuned I will gather the particulars.
> Tom V.
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