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Re: [K12OSN] Re: PXEgrub notes

On Jul 23, 2005, at 4:45 AM, John Baillie wrote:

On Fri, 2005-07-22 at 09:48 -1000, R. Scott Belford wrote:

We already had a distro installed on the hd, so editing grub was easy.
If this is what you seek to do, I can get more specific info when I am
at the lab tomorrow.  If I missed something, sorry.


Hey Scott,

I would appreciate any hints you have on getting this to work.

I found some instructions on using the NT/XP boot loader


but using grub would be better. We need to do this for Win 2000 machines
and maybe 98 also.

Will your Win2k and Win98 machines be dual or tri-boot? In other words, do you only want them to boot Winx and as a thin client? If so, I can tell you what lines to put in grub, but I don't know how to tell you to install GRUB. If you are going to make them boot WinX or Linux from the hard drive and also have the LTSP option, then I can tell you how. In order to KISS, I install debian after windows. The debian installer is a champ and it never fails to set grub up to dual-boot between windows and gnu/linux. I am nearly certain that you would have the same experience with FedoraX.

With a functioning and dual-booting GRUB, you now want to edit your /boot/grub/grub.conf file. Add a new entry and include *Title* K12LTSPmakestheworldrounder. Now, here is where I really goofed today by not looking at the settings at McKinley. You add a *Kernel* line pointing to /boot/UniversalBootFloppy.img or whatever you call the bootrom that you have copied to /boot. I may be wrong, though. If so, this line should be the *initrd* line, not *kernel*. I don't recollect that you needed the hd line.

Sorry not to copy a specific example. I can next Saturday, and maybe before, but for now this is the best that I can offer.




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