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[K12OSN] Homework DropBox Idea

Here is what I have:

off of the /home/ dir I have created sub dirs for each of the classes, then inside those the home dirs for the individuals in the class. For instance:


Now this worked for me last year, and as equiv to root I could go into each folder to mark. But it took some time to go into each folder individually, looking for assignments

Here is what I would like:

directory structure like so


one directory for each class, but no individual user folders inside.

I want to give the kids responsibility to "hand-in" their assignments into the appropriate folders. BUT:

I don't want other classes to be able to mess with their files. so compsci kids can't mess with saps files, etc. But I wanted to take it further and say that the compsci kids could hand in their finished work into the /homework/compsci folder, but not delete or change the file once it is there

in other words I want the class homework folders to have write once access/no read access/and no delete access. So they can save/drop the file into the directory, but not change it or delete it once there

So after that long preamble, what rights do I set on a folder to acomplish this? You should know that each class has a distinct gid so I can set rights using that, I think

I am thinking, if the rights can be set like I want, that users can drag their completed assignments into the appropriate homework "dropbox" and they are done, and can't cheat off of, or trash, other classmate's files

advise greatly appreciated

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