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Re: [K12OSN] Homework DropBox Idea

Thomas E. Haynes wrote:

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Subject: [K12OSN] Homework DropBox Idea

I don't want other classes to be able to mess with their files. so compsci kids can't mess with saps files, etc. But I wanted to take it further and say that the compsci kids could hand in their finished work into the /homework/compsci folder, but not delete or change the file once it is there

in other words I want the class homework folders to have write once access/no read access/and no delete access. So they can save/drop the file into the directory, but not change it or delete it once there

So after that long preamble, what rights do I set on a folder to acomplish this? You should know that each class has a distinct gid so I can set rights using that, I think

I am thinking, if the rights can be set like I want, that users can drag their completed assignments into the appropriate homework "dropbox" and they are done, and can't cheat off of, or trash, other classmate's files

advise greatly appreciated

Here I what I have done for a class at our school.

comment = Mr. Powell's Class
admin users = powelld haynest
browseable = no
guest ok = no
read only = no
writable = yes
printable = no
create mode = 700
force create mode = 700
directory mode = 700
force directory mode = 700
veto files = /.*/
path = /home/programming

Students can drop things but not view or delete the work of others. All the
students have accounts on this server, powelld is the teacher, and haynest
is me. The teacher and I have access to all of it, and we can delete, etc.

I say don't make it too complex. The kids can figure out where to drop
things, and if someone from the Humanities class drops a file in there it is
not the end of the world.

I may not have the most efficient set of rules for this share. While I am a
nice guy, I am a little simple (and really a classroom teacher doing the
admin stuff on the side).

Regards...   Tom


is the above a samba share? or purely linux?
I don't use samba
I have not seen the veto files setting anywhere but I am no expert

Just tell me where I can do the above and it looks fairly good. Can students view their own work in this directory? Or delete it?

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