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Re: [K12OSN] DHCP, NAT or other problem. . . help!

On Mon, 25 Jul 2005, Eric Harrison wrote:

> On Mon, 25 Jul 2005, Doug Simpson wrote:
> > I have a server set up for K12LTSP.
> >
> > eth0 is set to obtain IP via dhcp from another server and is connected to
> > the 'external' network and it does get an ip from that network's dhcp.
> >
> > eth1 is set static to and is connected to the 'internal'
> > network.
> This is backwards from a default K12LTSP install. Is that correct, or is
> your reversed eth0/eth1 a typo?

Actually, the default install did not set up the eth0 and eth1. I had to 
set them post-install.  For some reason the installer didn't detect the 
interfaces until after the first reboot.

> If it is correct, there are a couple of things that may need to be adjusted.
> > A workstation connected to the internal network gets an ip in the 192.168.
> > range and can ping this server, but cannot see anything on the external
> > network and nothing out on the internet.
> >
> > Where can I look for a misconfiguration?
> The most likely candidate is the nat service itself. By default it
> expects eth1 to be the public interface, but your's is eth0. Edit
> /etc/init.d/nat and change PUBLIC_ETHERNET="eth1" to
> If it is still broken, the next thing I would check is the IPTables
> rules. The default IPTables rules expects eth1 to be the public
> interface...   If you did not alter the firewall rules during the
> installation, you'll need to swap the referrences to eth0 to eth1 and
> eth1 to eth0. The config file is /etc/sysconfig/iptables

I didn't touch iptables during install (don't know anything about iptables 
at all. . .)

Think the best way would be to just re-configure the eth(x) interfaces to 
the default setting aand see if itmwilol work that way?

That will be easier and probably better.

Thank you for your quick response!



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