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[K12OSN] Mounting /server/home via NFS on a MACos Tiger server

We have recently changed our Samba PDC to use the excellent Smbldap-installer and everything seems to working on the PC side.

The problem is we are trying to setup a MacOs 10.4 (Tiger) server to manage the 36 Mac clients we have. We have out source the installation but the guy doing the installing is having trouble getting the clients to mount there home drives from the Samba server.

We he is trying to do is to mount the nfs share setup by the smbldap installer script and then getting this to be shared to the clients as they login.

I have to admit I'm totally out of my depth with this. What other options do we have, I tried to mount smb://server/homes but of course this didn't work as it doesn't know the username to mount.

I've had a surf and the only thing I can find is people moaning that "tiger is bust" for smb and to check that encrypted passwords are on. How do I do that, this is a bog standard install of samba on the PDC using the rpms from Samba.org

Any idea's or pointers ??

Brian Chivers
Portsmouth College

The views expressed here are my own and not necessarily the views of Portsmouth College

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