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Re: [K12OSN] Mounting /server/home via NFS on a MACos Tiger server

Jim Kronebusch wrote:

The problem is we are trying to setup a MacOs 10.4 (Tiger) server to manage the 36 Mac clients we have. We have out source the installation but the guy doing the installing is having trouble getting the clients to mount there home drives from the Samba server.

We he is trying to do is to mount the nfs share setup by the smbldap installer script and then getting this to be shared to the clients as they login.

First, what OS are the 36 Mac clients running?

The clients will all the the latest Tiger 10.4.something I think. What ever you get when you run the software update.

Would it be an entry in the automounts file on the client, does this get executed before login or after ???


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