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Re: [K12OSN] Mounting /server/home via NFS on a MACos Tiger server

Jim Kronebusch wrote:

The clients will all the the latest Tiger 10.4.something I think. What ever you get when you run the software update.

Would it be an entry in the automounts file on the client, does this get executed before login or after ???

Below is link that will describe how to authenticate all of your OS 10.4 clients directly to your SMB/LDAP server, automount /home via nfs, and provide roaming profiles.


Second question would be what do you plan on doing with the Tiger
Server?  This would make an excellent NetInstall/NetBoot server.

Thanks I'll give it a read.

What we'd hoped to do with the server is to use it to control what the students have access to in the way of settings etc but to hold the homes dir's on the Samba / LDAP box.

Could all this be done on the Samba box, have we baught the server when we didn't really need to ??


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