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RE: [K12OSN] Can't log in as root at all. (Using SMB-LDAP) - nscd crashes

[Krsnendu dasa said]

I was not able to log in as root until just now. I decided to turn off nscd
to see what would happen. Guess what? Now I did su from terminal and got
into root account. Yippee!!! I don't know if turning off nscd had anything
to do with it but it is working so I am happy.

[John Hegarty replies]

I have the same problem. What I noticed is that whenever I try to log on from a windows box (not just root) nscd seems to crash which prevents authentication. From what I understand nscd isn't needed but it helps speed things up, as it caches information. I turned it off and had no further problems. I am only running in a test environment at the moment but would prefer to have everything working right before September. I'm using the current beta version (4.4.0-pre-2) and the alpa smbldap script.


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