[K12OSN] mouse frozen all else okay

Gavin Chester sales at ecosolutions.com.au
Tue Jul 26 16:05:43 UTC 2005

Is there a simple command to restart a mouse - as in doing a
"/dev/mouse/service restart" type of thing, or whatever?  

Background detail:
It's a PS/2 mouse, on k12ltsp 4.2.0 using Xfce4 desktop.  Story is, I
run a small setup with just a couple of clients at the moment with my
server doubling duty as a workstation.  Sometimes, I might be playing a
game and it gets "veryniced" because combined weight of all apps bring
the CPU to its  knees.  At this point I not only have to go to a
terminal to kill the game because I've lost control of it, but I lose
control of my mouse in the process.  When I have a frozen mouse the
keyboard and system is okay.  Killing and restarting X does it, but I
don't always enjoy doing that while I have lots of things happening.
Google was not my friend in looking for answers to this problem :-(
        Gavin Chester 

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