[K12OSN] mouse frozen all else okay

Jason Straw lists at misato.us
Tue Jul 26 16:22:54 UTC 2005

It actually seems to be a bug in fedora core 3/4.  They moved to 4K
kernel stacks (which I think is the cause of most of these problems).


Gavin Chester wrote:

>On Tue, 2005-07-26 at 12:12 -0400, Timothy Legge wrote:
>>With my KVM I can some times regain control of the
>>mouse by <Alt>+<Ctrl>+<F1> to get to the console and
>><Alt>+<F7> to return to X.
>>Not ideal and it doesn't always work for me...
>Okay - the ol' YMMV :-)  Thanks for the quick response, and interesting
>to see it happens to others.  I hadn't thought of trying that.  Next
>time it happens I give that a try.  In the meantime if anyone has _the_
>definitive mouse-restart command I'll add that to my stable of tricks,
>too ...
>>--- Gavin Chester <sales at ecosolutions.com.au> wrote:
>>>Is there a simple command to restart a mouse - as in
>>>doing a
>>>"/dev/mouse/service restart" type of thing, or
>>>Background detail:
>>>It's a PS/2 mouse, on k12ltsp 4.2.0 using Xfce4
>>>desktop.  Story is, I
>>>run a small setup with just a couple of clients at
>>>the moment with my
>>>server doubling duty as a workstation.  Sometimes, I
>>>might be playing a
>>>game and it gets "veryniced" because combined weight
>>>of all apps bring
>>>the CPU to its  knees.  At this point I not only
>>>have to go to a
>>>terminal to kill the game because I've lost control
>>>of it, but I lose
>>>control of my mouse in the process.  When I have a
>>>frozen mouse the
>>>keyboard and system is okay.  Killing and restarting
>>>X does it, but I
>>>don't always enjoy doing that while I have lots of
>>>things happening.
>>>Google was not my friend in looking for answers to
>>>this problem :-(
>>>        Gavin Chester 
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