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Re: [K12OSN] IDEALX Management Console

The most important thing I did was add an ACL to my openldap config so I could do anything. I can let you have this tomorrow if you interested when I'm back in work.

I have to admit that I use LAM and jexplorer (windows java LDAP browser) more than IMC at the moment as I've just rolled our system out into College so I'm fighting fires more than managing at the moment :-) !!!


Jim Kronebusch wrote:

I built the Fedora Core 3 rpms that you've downloaded :-)

I can send you my imc.xml if you like and send you some tips if you like

I've got my imc.xml configured and logging in fine. Now I could probably just use the tips :-)

New users I have added here don't seem to have the same permissions as
those made at the console. Also I am having trouble modifying users
added via console smbldap-useradd scripts and such.

I am loading a sandbox for Fedoray Directory Server while I type this as
well. It really looks promising, at the moment :-)

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