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Re: [K12OSN] IDEALX Management Console

Hey Brian, I'll take the imc.xml, I am working on my sandbox and would like to test out the console one more time.


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Jim Kronebusch wrote:

How did you trick it?, what did you do?, I had the same problem and I could not figure it out, so I just gave up on the console.

Okay.  I needed to
# cd /lib
# ln libssl.so.5 libssl.so.4
# ln libcrypto.so.5 libcrypto.so.4

By doing the above three steps. I just linked libssl.so.5 to so.4 and libcrypto.so.5 to so.4. Go ahead and type the above commands at the terminal and give it a go again.

Now I just need to figure out how to configure imc.xml to be able to

I built the Fedora Core 3 rpms that you've downloaded :-)

I can send you my imc.xml if you like and send you some tips if you like


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