[K12OSN] weirdness with sound

Liam Marshall lsrpm-1 at shaw.ca
Tue Jul 26 23:08:48 UTC 2005

ok, I installed 4.4.x pre2, went through the "install additional 
software" icons, including Flash.  Modified lts.conf to esd and the s 
module for my soundcards on thin clients
went to tuxpaint and had sound
went to firefox
www.starfall.com (a teacher favourite) and had sound in there.  Happy 
Happy days.

then I did yum updates, installed other software, and added 600+ users 
via webmin batch files, but somehow screwed up and deleted/overwrote 
nfsnobody user

then nothing worked well

gave up trying to figure it out and wiped harddrive and reloaded went 
through mostly the same procedure (minus adding users) only difference 
was I did the yum update before running the "install additional 
software" stuff

went to firefox and www.starfall.com and have NO Sound?    What gives?

Please someone explain how I can get it back without wiping, reloading, 
and trying again

frustrated and not understanding how I screwed up


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