[K12OSN] Active Directory - SMB/LDAP Switch

Kevin Verheyen thepiano at telenet.be
Wed Jul 27 11:10:32 UTC 2005

I would be interested too in looking into these's reg files :-)


Op 27-jul-05, om 13:02 heeft Brian Chivers het volgende geschreven:

> Mark Gumprecht wrote:
>> Jason Ingalls wrote:
>>> Perhaps the most important lesson we learned was that the profile  
>>> directory and
>>> home directory MUST be different! What we decided to do was use  
>>> roaming
>>> profiles, but exclude the Desktop and My Documents directories  
>>> from roaming to
>>> cut down on logon/logoff time (by merging a .reg file via logon  
>>> script). We
>>> instead chose to use folder redirection (by merging a .reg file  
>>> via logon
>>> script) for those two folders. We thought (wrongly) that since  
>>> these folders
>>> would be exluded from roaming the redirected folders could live  
>>> amongst the the
>>> other profile directories. What this resulted in was files that  
>>> would randomly
>>> disappear from the Desktop and My Documents folders. Ultimately  
>>> we stuck with
>>> using folder redirection, but we redirected them to the home  
>>> directory and put
>>> the profiles in /home/profiles/username. This made me happier  
>>> than putting the
>>> profiles in the default location because we have a large  
>>> partition for /home.
>> Does anyone have a howto on redirect or a url?
>> Thanks
>> Mark
> Which bit you do want to know to do.
> I can send you our reg files that I use to redirect My Doc's to  
> there home drives
> Brian
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