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Re: [K12OSN] Active Directory - SMB/LDAP Switch

I would be interested too in looking into these's reg files :-)


Op 27-jul-05, om 13:02 heeft Brian Chivers het volgende geschreven:

Mark Gumprecht wrote:

Jason Ingalls wrote:

Perhaps the most important lesson we learned was that the profile directory and
home directory MUST be different! What we decided to do was use roaming
profiles, but exclude the Desktop and My Documents directories from roaming to
cut down on logon/logoff time (by merging a .reg file via logon script). We
instead chose to use folder redirection (by merging a .reg file via logon
script) for those two folders. We thought (wrongly) that since these folders
would be exluded from roaming the redirected folders could live amongst the the
other profile directories. What this resulted in was files that would randomly
disappear from the Desktop and My Documents folders. Ultimately we stuck with
using folder redirection, but we redirected them to the home directory and put
the profiles in /home/profiles/username. This made me happier than putting the
profiles in the default location because we have a large partition for /home.

Does anyone have a howto on redirect or a url?

Which bit you do want to know to do.

I can send you our reg files that I use to redirect My Doc's to there home drives


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