[K12OSN] re: IDEALX [samba] Management Console (Jim Kronebusch)

Jim Kronebusch jim at winonacotter.org
Wed Jul 27 15:17:01 UTC 2005

> Yes, it does.  I just slapped this onto a 4.2.1 box last 
> (this?) week and had great success.  I can give you remote 
> login access to the box if you're interested in test-driving it.
> I had to 'yum install rrdtool' and then install the 3 RPMs, 
> and everything worked great after I did a quick search 'n 
> replace in whatever config file it uses (I forget).
> I'll probably be trying this on a 4.4.0-whatever box next 
> week, so I can let you know how it goes for me then.

I keep thinking I get this running and then BAM! It doesn't work.  Now I
get 500 internal server errors, the service starts with some weird "Not
a GLOB reference" error at line 454 or SSL.pm, the login link on the
home page brings up a blank page, just weird stuff.  I wonder if this
just isn't compatable with FC4 yet.  I try to rpm -e imc-1.2.50 to
reinstall and it says "error reading information on service imc: no such
file or directory" "error: %postun (imc-1.2.50-1.i386) scriptlet failed,
exit status 1"

But /etc/init.d/imc start starts the service with the above error.  

Has anyone given this a whirl on FC4?

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