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Re: [K12OSN] advice on surplus hardware

Ben Nickell wrote:

I have the opportunity to salvage some old hardware. I would appreciate
advice on whether any of this is worthwhile for use in thin clients. I'm only interested in it if it is easy or will work out of the box or
could replace a less capable part in another system (network or video

Here are the specs.

AT power supply
P1 200 MMX processors
96mb of RAM in (6) 72pin SIMMS
3com 905-TX rev B 10/100 network cards with bootrom slot (Don't think it will PXE boot though, doesn't it have to be Rev C to
PXE boot?)
ATI 3d Rage II+ DVD video cards, video ram unknown.

Does anyone have experience with this hardware?

To netboot those network cards, is the easiest way to purchase bootroms?

Thanks in advance,
Ben Nickell

The one I'm typing on now is similar to yours:

Pentium-166 (not MMX)
3Com 3C905b-TX
S3 Trio64 video board

I use an EtherBoot floppy for the 3C905 to netboot this guy. Works very well. You're right; they don't PXE boot, but if you've got a boot ROM in it, it'll use EtherBoot. I simulate this with a floppy, made from the Rom-O-Matic image.


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