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[K12OSN] [OT] Firewire or USB2 in a softRAID setup

I'm just looking for advice and/or links regarding the subject line.

I'm looking to make a cheap, *safer* mass storage area. If I have say 4 firewire drives and 2 USB2 drives, is it possible (read: feasible) to create a software RAID5 array with them in linux?

I'm comfortable with software raid on internal drives, but I'm not sure how it would be done with firewire/USB2 drives. My big worry is that it seems it depends on the order the kernel sees USB/FW drives as to what device they are named. Since RAID depends on specific drives being specific stripes, I would worry that a reboot would render the array useless. (If /dev/sda was /dev/sde on reboot, how would such a thing be handled?)

I know that performance would be bad on such a beast -- but I'm looking for mass storage, that would not need to be fast at all. And I don't want to use Windows Server. :)

Any thoughts?

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