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RE: [K12OSN] Samba/LDAP Management questions (Webmin,LAM,IDEALX SMC)

> Jim how about a list of functions youd like..that little 
> python script i sent is a leadin to any bash script..and i 
> have like scripts for install from csv ad single user...even 
> add to individual groups..chuck

- Add User/s
- Add Group/s
- Delete User/s (option to delete user and leave home dir)
- Delete Group/s
- Modify User/s (change name spelling)
- Modify Group/s
- Add/Remove Groups Users belong to (choose from list if possible)
- Control Over User Disk Quotas. (add quota, remove quota, adjust quota,
status of current usage)
- Bulk User Import (from csv with the following info: username,
fullname, existing password, disk quota)
- Bulk User Delete (username)
- Get listing of users
- Get listing of groups

The above is a list of what I would need in a perfect world.  I can do
this all right now with the Webmin User management tool, it is awesome.
I would love to be able to keep this type of control.  I want to be sure
that this system can be run if I no longer work here, or am away.  

Everything is working from command line at this point except quotas.
Don’t know what needs to be done in this regard, but this isn't a show
stopper, just a handy feature.

Chuck, I would appreciate your scripts.  If nothing else maybe I could
tweak them to suit my needs.  You are using a different setup than the
smb/ldap installer, correct?  I imagine that would require some changes.

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