[K12OSN] [OT] Firewire or USB2 in a softRAID setup

Jim Kronebusch jim at winonacotter.org
Fri Jul 29 14:32:18 UTC 2005

> I know that performance would be bad on such a beast -- but 
> I'm looking 
> for mass storage, that would not need to be fast at all.  And I don't 
> want to use Windows Server. :)

Is there another reason for the external firewire or usb other than mass
storage?  Does this need to be easily removable or taken off site?

The reason I ask is that if you don't need to easily transport this, it
sounds like with the performance hit it would be better to go with a
different type of setup.  How much space are we talking here?  I
installed a CERC SATA controller with 6 250GB SATA drives for around
$1600.  This give you 1.5 TB of storage.  Even if you bought 250GB
external drives all you would save is the cost of the controller.  The
card I used handles RAID 5, you could probably reduce the cost with
standard ATA or a controller that only does RAID 0 or 1.  There are 6
Channel ATA controllers out there, I have one from Promise installed in
my backup server with 200GB drives on it.  

I think your life would be miserable with an external firewire array, if
it is even possible/feasable.

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