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Re: [K12OSN] Samba/LDAP Management questions (Webmin,LAM,IDEALX SMC)

Jim Kronebusch wrote:
If you use the smbldap-userbulkadd scripts it's quite easy to tweak got set quota's. I've altered / hacked the script for myself to set quotas and I had started work on allowing this as an configurable option in the userinfo.in file but got a bit snowed under when I started our main roll out for the year.

I see that Matt Oquist's newest version of the installer (2.0-alpha)
says it allows for use of disk quotas, but I have no idea how to use it.
If you have the info on what to hack in the smbldap-userbulkadd script I
wouldn't mind taking a peek at it.

Ah I sent him my script a while back and I thought he either hadn't got it or just ignored it as a horrible hack :-)

Yes WEBMIN rocks *grin*, I tend to use it in combination with LAM & the shell scripts to manage things. You can alter LAM to allow spaces etc. If you have a look on the LAM site and if they have an archive of mail look through this as I asked the question a couple of months back but I've forgot the answer :-\

So you use the Webmin LDAP Users and Groups module?  If I had the
correct properties to set in the module config I don't think I would
need anything else.  It currently views and modifies all users, I just
need the correct stuff to set in LDAP attributes for creation of new
users.  Any tips?

Sorry no, I just use it to alter users not create them. I quite like using the command line so I just create a csv file and use Matt's script for one user.

I don't mind using the smbldap-userbulkadd and delete scripts once a
year to handle mass user tasks.  But I assume if I had the right
settings for the module config I could just use the bulk add in webmin.

I'll check the LAM site to find the fix for the space problem.  Does
your LAM add users correctly?  Like I said mine works perfect except it
does not create the users /home folder for them, if I could fix that
piece this would work as well.

I am so close to getting all of these stupid things to work, I just have
a bug in each.  Like I said, I don't care which one I use, just so it
works :-)

Hang in there, it'll finally give in *grin*


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