[K12OSN] AFS, Coda, Intermezzo, etc

Eric Harrison eharrison at mail.mesd.k12.or.us
Wed Jun 1 15:11:27 UTC 2005

Shawn Powers wrote:
> I am looking at using a distributed file system this year for /home.   I
> am considering this for a couple reasons -- one is that I don't  like
> trusting one NFS server, and the other is that I'd like to take  the
> filesharing load off a single NFS server.
> I recall, perhaps a few years ago, discussion about intermezzo and/or
> coda -- is anyone using those beasties?  How well do they work?  Do  you
> feel "safe" when using them?
> Thanks for any feedback,
> -Shawn the insomniac

The "word on the street" is that GFS will eventually be the way to go.
In the near future, I believe only FC4 will be shipping with GFS. (GFS
is available for RHEL, but doesn't ship with it by default)

I'm not sure if Code and/or Intermezzo is still being developed.

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