[K12OSN] Saving money on memory

Jeff Nelson jeffnels at gmail.com
Thu Jun 2 18:53:48 UTC 2005

On www.18004memory.com <http://www.18004memory.com>, a single 4GB module is 
just as expensive as 4GB from Dell, but you could get four 1-GB modules for 
half the price ($199 apiece). 

I've pasted the results of my search below... apologies if your email client 
doesn't like HTML.


 *System Memory * *Description* *OEM Part No.* *18004memory Part No.* *Price
* *Web
Price* *Order* *PC2-3200 - 240-Pins* 4GB ECC Module n/a A24072R/4GB/Q42  $1,
759.90  $1,599.00 
ECC Module n/a A24072R/2GB/Q32  $879.90  $799.00 
ECC Module n/a A24072R/1GB/Q32  $219.90  $199.00 
ECC Module n/a A24072R/512/Q32  $109.90  $99.00 
ECC Module n/a A24072U/256/Q32  $65.90  $59.00 

On 6/2/05, Bill Bardon <bill at computassist.com> wrote:
> I am in the process of spec'ing a K12LTSP server. Currently looking at
> the Dell PowerEdge SC1420. Getting enough RAM in this thing is
> expensive! If I get it from Dell, 4GB of ECC memory will cost me almost
> $1500, more than the server itself! I've tried other penguin-friendly
> vendors and they are at least as much, or more.
> I assume I can't substitute non-ECC memory and order it from somewhere
> else. I've seen 1GB non-ECC DIMMs at memory4less.com<http://memory4less.com>for $140, giving
> me a total of just $560 for RAM. I don't think using non-ECC will work,
> though.
> Maybe I should articulate my goal: a dual-processor tower server that
> can run K12LTSP handily for 30 clients. (This will be the first install
> of K12LTSP in this district, so it needs to perform well.) Will be
> using IceWm, but also expect heavy OpenOffice and Firefox usage. The
> servers I find on eBay are usually rack-mount units, or sub-1GHz
> machines, so don't fill the bill.
> So it boils down to this - can I use cheap memory in a Dell or similar
> server? If not, where do you get a server as above for less than $2200?
> Any input is welcome!
> --
> Bill Bardon
> Omaha, Nebraska
> http://www.computassist.com
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