[K12OSN] Saving money on memory

Bill Bardon bill at computassist.com
Fri Jun 3 00:05:09 UTC 2005

On Thursday, Jun 02 Dave Hopkins wrote:
> Not necessarily advocating them, but check out asacomputers.com.  You 
> can get very close to your $2200.00 limit with dual cpus (in either 
> xeons or opterons), 4GB memory, dual nics for some of the 
> configurations.  However, I don't know how you would get hardware RAID
> and still keep the price below $2200.00, but ... who knows.  I know
> that  some on the list have custom built systems as well for around
> this price.

I wouldn't mind going with software RAID, I have several servers running
that way and all are good performers.

Have you ordered from asacomputers.com?  I did some checking and
couldn't find a system that matched those specs - got a link?  Thanks
for the input.

Bill Bardon
Omaha, Nebraska

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