[K12OSN] Saving money on memory

Bill Bardon bill at computassist.com
Fri Jun 3 15:09:51 UTC 2005

On Friday, Jun 03 Dave Hopkins wrote:
> I actually just ordered a customized Opteron Tb storage server (for 
> backups) a couple of days ago, but couldn't find anything (good or
> bad)  about them, so ... hoping that their service is as good as their
> customer service rep was :)

Thanks for the details, Dave.  Unfortunately, both the systems you
listed lack SCSI.  I'm a believer in SCSI for servers.  No matter how I
configure their product line, I can't get a dual proc, SCSI-based server
with sufficient RAM at my price point.

The only reason I'm looking at a new machine is because I can't find the
right box on eBay, or rather, haven't yet.  I think a little patience
may be rewarded eventually, and I'll find something used that will fit
my budget.

Hopefully all these ideas will prove useful to others looking for a good
K12LTSP server value.

Bill Bardon
Omaha, Nebraska

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