[K12OSN] Server Boards (was Saving money on memory )

John P. Conlon jconlon1 at elp.rr.com
Fri Jun 3 18:33:28 UTC 2005

I don't recall the address but PC warehouse had servers for as little as 
$800 last time I looked.  These were machines with 2 or 3 gig of RAM and 
gig plus dual processors.

Quentin Hartman wrote:

>John Baillie said:
>>We too are looking to buy / build a server. I looked at the dells and
>>they are out of our price range of 3000 or under.
>I am shopping for a server right now as well, and I have one spec'd out at
>www.penguincomputing.com for $3500. I have a _ton_ of RAM in it (enough
>for 50 clients) at that price. Depending on your needs you can likely get
>something there for under $3000. I have a lot of Penguin servers and they
>have all be rockstars. Something to look at if you have not already.
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