[K12OSN] Novell and LTSP

Jim McQuillan jam at mcquil.com
Fri Jun 3 21:32:48 UTC 2005

On Fri, 3 Jun 2005, Joe Guenther wrote:

> Poking around the Novell site I saw this link ...
> http://www.novell.com/industries/education/k12.html?sourceidint=hp_a3_novelllumen
> http://www.novell.com/partnerguide/product/102156.html
> http://www.novell.com/collateral/4680888/4680888.pdf
> http://www.lumensoftware.com/applications/website/outsideView.php?outVOU=1&pg=/web_disk/1-7/NewWebFiles/Home1.html?outVOU=7&height=&menuid=2983
> So is this part of the Novell/LTSP future cooperation we heard about a good
> while back?

No, that 'future cooperation' kind of fizzled out.

> Has anyone tried this stuff from Lumen?

The Lumen guys are doing wonderful things.  pop into the #ltsp irc
channel, and chat with bill_c or rjune if you have any questions about
what Lumensoft is doing.

Jim McQuillan
jam at Ltsp.org

> Joe Guenther
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