[K12OSN] Filtering anyone?

Joe Guenther jguenther at chinooksedge.ab.ca
Fri Jun 3 23:34:21 UTC 2005

I use IPcop and DansGuardian.  It works very well for us. I use it in 3 
schools, there are a few others in our division that also use it. I 
tried it with SquidGuard, but prefer the Cop+ (DansGuardian) better.  It 
uses a bit more horsepower, but does a better job.  I run it on a 
PIII600/256MB RAM and serve a school of 350 students with about 1Gb of 
data/day.  With 128Mb it would run for a few weeks and then start using 
lots of swap.  With 256 it just runs and runs.

I had also tried SME server with squid/squidGuard but never got that to 
work properly.
We also tried OpenBsd with privoxy and that would crash under heavy 
load.  squid/DansGuardian works much better.

my 2 bits worth
Joe Guenther

Jamie McParland wrote:

>Summer is almost here and time for upgrades! Right now we are using squid
>and squid guard for our porn filtering on our firewall.
>I would like to see what everyone else is using. I hear good things about
>dans guardian. I've even seen a distro based on this. Is anyone using this?
>We need to be able to poke holes in our firewall for static maps to our
>weather stations, webservers, etc.
>Thoughts? Comments?
>Jamie McParland
>Newberg Public Schools.
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