[K12OSN] K12LTSP 4.2.1 EL pre-release

Shawn Powers spowers at inlandlakes.org
Sun Jun 5 03:37:24 UTC 2005

On Jun 4, 2005, at 11:24 PM, Robert Arkiletian wrote:
> If I have previously downloaded the four Centos 4 iso's  do I need to
> download all of the K12LTSP 4.2.1EL iso's or can I save some
> bandwidth.

Usually you can use the same isos.  Rename them to whatever the 4.2.1  
isos are named, and try rsyncing them.  The worst that will happen is  
that it'll update *every bit* of the isos (if they completely  
different).  I have a feeling they are largely similar, and that  
you'll save a lot of bandwidth though.


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