[K12OSN] OT? Fixing an Open Proxy

Debbie Schiel debbie at redeemer.qld.edu.au
Mon Jun 6 05:59:24 UTC 2005

> opm.blitzed.org doens't list "open relays" it lists "open proxies"
> So tho it is good to make sure your server isn't an open relay - that 
> won't fix your problem now.
> You have to make sure that your proxy server will not allow outside 
> users access - or at leas not without a username password combo.

How is the username & password acces setup? I use webmin and can also edit
specific config files if necessary.

> Check your squid configuration and then squidguard and or dansguardian.
> If any of those are proxying from the external port you will get listed.

What would the external port number be? I have squid in webmin but not
squidguard as we use dansguardian. There are 'Access control lists' but I
wouldn't know how to use them. Is there a HOWTO?

> you will want to make sure they they are only bound to the internal 
> ip address of your server.

How do I check this?


And re Les' post -
> That's kind of odd unless someone had changed sendmail.  The default
> setup on RedHat/Fedora for a long time has been that sendmail will
> not accept mail over the network unless you make a change and
> rebuild sendmail.cf.  Had the machine been kept current with
> updates while exposed to the internet?   Unless you know who
> made that change, I'd consider a complete re-install at the
> first opportunity.

I did the original install - did most of it unexperienced and not really
understanding what I was doing, but I followed instructions and it worked.
Could I have changed it by accident? I will take your advice though and
re-install over the holidays.


> Debbie Schiel wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Now that we have our webserver with static IP available for teachers and the
>> rest of the world to see, I've found that 1. Our broadband internet 
>> access from
>> school has slowed down to dial-up speeds, and 2. Staff are complaining that
>> collegues aren't receiving email.
>> Upon investigation I've found that our IP address is listed on 
>> opm.blitzed.org
>> and many others which apparently means that some charming people out 
>> there are
>> using our naive school server as a spam machine!
>> They say I have to fix my open proxy, and provide information that 
>> goes way over
>> my head. Can anyone provide a simple HOWTO for fixing an open proxy?
>> Thank you.
>> Best regards,
>> Debbie
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