[K12OSN] Filtering anyone?

Rob Owens hick518 at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 6 10:04:50 UTC 2005

At the recommendation of others on this list, I tried
out IPCop.  I haven't used it besides to test it, but
I can tell you that it was pretty easy to install and
configure.  The download is also fairly small, so it
won't take you very long if you want to test it out.

The most confusing part I found was that there are a
few different sources for obtaining add-ons (like
squidguard and dansguardian), and I don't know if any
of them are functionally different from the others, or
if one source is recommended over others, etc.


--- Jamie McParland <jamie at listserv.newberg.k12.or.us>

> Summer is almost here and time for upgrades! Right
> now we are using squid
> and squid guard for our porn filtering on our
> firewall.
> I would like to see what everyone else is using. I
> hear good things about
> dans guardian. I've even seen a distro based on
> this. Is anyone using this?
> We need to be able to poke holes in our firewall for
> static maps to our
> weather stations, webservers, etc.
> Thoughts? Comments?
> Jamie McParland
> Newberg Public Schools.
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