[K12OSN] ltsp-->citrix lockups

Rusty Pywtorak rusty at enveloptech.com
Mon Jun 6 14:45:43 UTC 2005

Go to Citrix connection configuration. Double-click ica-tcp. Click on
the button that says client settings. From there you will see a window
with a bunch of check boxes titled 'client mapping overrides.'

Check the box that says disable client printer mapping. (it sounds like
you may want to check the other overrides also -- drive mapping, com
port, etc)

No reboot is necessary, although the change will only affect new logins
(not people currently logged in).

Rusty Pywtorak

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I have a lab i have a twenty seat lysp lab where heavy use is using
firefox to access citrix ..when a pile of people sign on i get massive
spoolss errors on the windows/citrix side as citrix tries to create
printers..And lockups on the ltsp side until windows gets a brain
again...Anyone come across this??anyone tried the registry hack to stop
windows/citrix from attempting to create these printers??chuck

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