[K12OSN] xfce and vnc

David M. Rogers dmrogers at mail.hgresaettc.org
Mon Jun 6 15:40:38 UTC 2005

I have run across a problem and wonder if anyone has seen this before, 
and if so, if you have a solution.

I have a server running Fedora Core 3. I installed xfce for the GUI. It 
works great at the console, however, when I try to connect through 
vncviewer, I just get a black screen and an "x" for the mouse cursor.

I have used vncserver/viewer for years on multiple platforms and set it 
up to run either gnome or kde. I just can't get xfce to run properly 
through vncserver.

I am setting up a tunnel with ssh to secure the connection, but I don't 
think that has anything to do with the problem. In fact, when I try to 
connect through a linux client I can see the error messages on the 
server that says:
xfdesktop: running without session manager.
xfce4-panel: running without session manager.

My suspicion is that I do not have the vnc xstartup file setup 
correctly. Usually I just substitute the last line with:

exec gnome-session &

and everything works fine. If you have any suggestion, please share them 
with me. I have googled without success.


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