[K12OSN] rDesktop sound strethed out

Peter Hartmann ascensiontech at gmail.com
Mon Jun 6 18:07:22 UTC 2005

Hi Vlad,
Coming from and audio engineering perspective it sounds as if your
sample rates between servers are mismatched.  If the sound is also
pitched down as well as being stretched then chances of this being the
problem are high.  Maybe changing the sample rate on the Win servers
sound card might fix it. If you can't do that then it would probably
entail changing the expected sample rate on the linux sound driver. 
Although, if you did that it might affect all sounds not just those
for Rdesktop.  I assume it's set low (maybe 22.5kHz) to cut down on
bandwidth. Also,  I'm curious what tricks, if any, you did to enable
sound on the windows terminal server. I was unable to get it to work,
although from what you've said already I think I should install a
sound card on the server.  Did you do anything special?

Peter Hartmann

On 6/6/05, Vlad Rachinsky <vlad_rachinsky at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hi !
> Does anyone met the problem on the client side with sound from Windows
> terminal server
>  (rDesktop). It strethed (double length) but on the server it works good.
> I used New Century Education with Linux client through Remote Desktop.
> With LTSP it still unable.
> Vlad Rachinsky,
> GHSDistrict, Sacramento, CA
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