[K12OSN] xfce and vnc Solved

David M. Rogers dmrogers at mail.hgresaettc.org
Tue Jun 7 11:36:39 UTC 2005

I got it figured out, sorta. Actually I got it working. I decided I was 
beating my head up against the wall. So I started from scratch. I 
deleted all the files in ~/.vnc, killed the service and set it up again. 
When I edited the .vnc file, this is all it contains:

startxfce4 &

I restarted everything and now it is working fine.

Gavin Chester wrote:
> On Mon, 2005-06-06 at 11:40 -0400, David M. Rogers wrote:
> -snip-
>>I am setting up a tunnel with ssh to secure the connection, but I don't 
>>think that has anything to do with the problem. In fact, when I try to 
>>connect through a linux client I can see the error messages on the 
>>server that says:
>>xfdesktop: running without session manager.
>>xfce4-panel: running without session manager.
>>My suspicion is that I do not have the vnc xstartup file setup 
>>correctly. Usually I just substitute the last line with:
> I think your suspicion is probably right - I don't have a ready answer
> because I have zero experience with vnc.  However, the clue is in that
> error message you tracked down showing that the Xfce session manager is
> not working with vnc for some reason.  If no vnc gurus pop up with an
> answer here, try the Xfce list 'cause they're a helpful bunch, too.
> Xfce is great - I've converted from KDE and reclaimed performance on my
> ageing workstation.


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