[K12OSN] Blocking http tunnel and ssh tunnel

Jon Spriggs jon.spriggs at gmail.com
Wed Jun 8 19:46:01 UTC 2005

If it were me, I'd do the following.
 1) Install Snort on the K12 server. Launch a HTTP tunnel yourself and watch 
the traffic using snort.
2) Configure snort to watch for that signature.
3) Arrange for it to drop the log file into an e-mail hourly, daily or 
weekly, depending on how often it's happening.
4) Enable "login recording" (I can't remember the exact local policy option 
- I can look it up for you if needed) on the Windows PC
5) Confront the user who was logged in at the time in a subtle manner first 
(such as, look kid - the rules are there for a reason) then the heavier 
handed approach (do you want me to bring in your parents) followed by the 
sledgehammer (OK, let's see the headmaster) and if that doesn't work get the 
police (there's probably some sort of "Misuse of computing" laws? perhaps if 
you speak to the officers and let them know that you initially want to 
frighten the lad into behaving, and if that's doesn't work, you'll want to 
start the formal route)
 Remember, most of the best white hats started as black hats - if you teach 
this kid the meaning of right and wrong now (and most importantly, this 
stuff can be monitored) then hopefully, he'll ease off.
 Perhaps if you show him how you caught him, he'll show more interest in the 
legitimate side of this game?
 And of course, it's not necessarily a guy - I'm just using the male gender 
for illustration purposes.
 Jon "The Nice Guy" Spriggs.

 On 08/06/05, M.Pribik <mpribik at zoznam.sk> wrote: 
> Is it possible to block "http tunnel" and "ssh tunnel" created by students 
> on Windows desktop PCs? The Internet traffic of the Window desktops are 
> going through K12LTSP server and HTTP traffic is filtered by Dansguardian. 
> The tunnels can override the filter!
>  Thank you, Marian
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