[K12OSN] "marketing" the K12LTSP desktop

Eric Harrison eharrison at mail.mesd.k12.or.us
Thu Jun 9 06:37:40 UTC 2005

On Wed, 8 Jun 2005, Shahms King wrote:

> I don't know about KDE, but changing the default GNOME background should
> be pretty easy and can be done using gconftool-2 by applying a new
> schema.  It should also be possible to write the value directly to the
> "default source" if having multiple schemas applying to a single key
> doesn't work well.

Hmmm, that might do the trick. A nice little script that set the
default background. It could even have an icon on the desktop like
the "Push new icons" script and the admin user could just drag-and-
drop a new default background.

I'll play around with gconftool-2 to see if I can get it to do this.

>From the man page, it looks like this will do the trick:

  gconftool-2 --type string --set /desktop/gnome/background/picture_filename "$1"

(where $1 = the desired image)


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