[K12OSN] "marketing" the K12LTSP desktop

John P. Conlon jconlon1 at elp.rr.com
Thu Jun 9 19:11:29 UTC 2005

My kids rearrange and otherwise mangle their desktops constantly to 
include using pictures they have found on the Internet or e-mailed to 
themselves.  Seems like a kind of unofficial contest to see who can come 
up with the fanciest dsktop.  My server seems to handl everything okay.

What I would like to see is the background of the login screen be more 
inviting.  Maybe some penguins in the background or something.

luis.montes at cox.net wrote:

>windows 3.1 ? IceWm has xp as the default skin.
>In regards to default wallpaper,
>Anyone know if there is there any issues with bandwith? I've left the default for the school blank, somehow hoping that X was better able to refresh a plain background accross the network.
>I could be way off. And if I am, I'm going to encourage that the kids customize there wallpaper next year. Maybe have an exercise where they create the wallpaper with tuxpaint.
>>From: Rob Owens <hick518 at yahoo.com>
>>Date: 2005/06/08 Wed AM 06:10:15 EDT
>>To: k12osn at redhat.com
>>Subject: [K12OSN] "marketing" the K12LTSP desktop
>>I showed K12LTSP to a Windows guy the other day and he
>>chuckled "looks like Windows 3.1".  I disagree with
>>that, but I do agree that the default background for
>>the desktop is not particularly nice looking.  It's
>>mostly black, giving the impression that there's no
>>desktop at all--just a couple of icons floating in
>>space.  I imagine that's the FC3 default.  Would it be
>>a big deal to come up with a K12LTSP background that
>>better suits the expectations of our target audience?
>>I know it seems kind of silly, because the background
>>can easily be changed by the user or the
>>administrator.  But K12LTSP is often brought into a
>>Windows world where many of the users don't know all
>>that much about computers.  Many users just want to
>>"get in and drive", and many users judge the quality
>>of their computer and operating system by how nice it
>>Personally, I thought the background that came with
>>the last version I tried out (I think it was K12LTSP
>>4.2.0) did a good job of making you feel like you had
>>a really nice monitor (and that's what people really
>>want, I think).  I don't remember much about it except
>>it was gray and it looked nice.  
>>If a K12LTSP-specific default background is chosen, it
>>should look nice on old hardware as well as new.  It
>>should make users feel like their 15" CRT is just
>>fine, and it should make admins feel glad that they
>>did not throw away those old trident video cards they
>>had laying around for the past 6 years.
>>I'm not much of a graphics designer, but I could try
>>out a few backgrounds on new and old equipment and
>>offer my opinions.
>>What does everybody think?
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