[K12OSN] LTSP for video-streaming room?

The Prof joseph.bishay at gmail.com
Thu Jun 9 19:49:58 UTC 2005


I hope everyone is doing well.

I have a situation in which I am wondering how suitable a LTSP setup
would be. Here's the situation:

In our company we have a training room filled with TVs with built in
VCRs.  We have people who come in, sign out videos, sit down and watch
them, then return the video and get the next one in the series.  There
are in total 100 Video tapes that people go through.

Now, there is an issue with the current system in that it takes a fair
amount of manual labour to check each person's ID, hand out the
correct videos, collect the videos, rewind them and stack them away.
Also, for each video we have a limited number of copies and often we
do not have enough. Plus we sometimes have people either damaging the
videotapes (accidentally or otherwise) or tapes going missing.

My mind jumped to using an LTSP setup (since it seems my mind jumps to
that as a solution for almost everything nowadays :) ) as it would
eliminate many of these issues. But I don't know enough about the
feasibility of it. In order for it to work we'd want:

1) ability to track who is watching what, when they logged in and when
they logged out,
2) be able to provide streaming video to about 30 clients in the room
in good video and audio quality, and
3) have a very basic (either touch screen or mouse-only) interface to
select the video, pause, rewind/FF, and stop.

Could I use ltsp to do so?  Or am I stretching it here?

thank you.

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